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X-Link allows you to link MyChartsOnline with your existing Practice Management System, allowing seamless integration of information, and avoiding duplicate data entry. Since X-Link operates in "real time," when anyone in the practice enters information into one system, it will automatically show up in the other system. This will save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. Visit X-Link

DoseSpot easily integrates into your existing workflow and MyChartsOnline. Developed with the physician in mind, DoseSpot will help you and your practice manage patients' prescription and medication histories in an easy and timely manner. By eliminating paper, phone and fax from prescribing, electronic prescribing with DoseSpot makes getting patients the medications they need a safer and more efficient process. Visit DoseSpot
MyChartsOnline Overview
MyChartsOnline is a web-based, chiropractic EHR software that is designed to do one thing very well: capture the patient notes of chiropractors in electronic form. By switching from handwritten notes to MyChartsOnline, you will experience a huge advance in speed, convenience, and accuracy.

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